Scheiner walk-in medical care (Centro Medico De Dr. Scheiner) - Scheiner Medical Center
Scheiners Medicine & Gynecology
  • We have appointments available - Delaying care can lead to otherwise avoidable complications or worsening conditions. Our providers are seeing patients both virtually and in-person to make sure you continue to receive the care you need as safely as possible.
  • Virtual care is here – We’re using video visits. CLICK BUTTON TO SCHEDULE.
  • In-person appointments as needed – We’re continuing certain in-person visits, when needed, and taking measures to protect patients and staff during these visits. CLICK BUTTON TO SCHEDULE. 
Can I schedule a new appointment?
Yes, please don’t put off your health needs.
  • If you are new to SCHEINER Medical Center, you are able to schedule a virtual visit online or call the listed appointment number for scheduling options.
  • If you’re an established SCHEINER Medical Center patient, call your provider’s office or CLICK BUTTON to schedule a virtual or office visit with a provider you’ve seen in the past.
Which patients need to be seen in person?Virtual visits allow SCHEINER Medical Center providers to offer quality care for many types of appointments. But some concerns require a physical examination and/or testing, as do some forms of treatment. Your provider will decide with you which type of appointment is best.Are clinic or office visits safe right now?We’ve taken many steps to protect your health during an in-person visit, including:
  • Reducing in-person visits to ensure fewer patients come to our facilities
  • Scheduling additional time between appointments to limit contact with other patients
  • Enhancing cleaning between patients, including more frequent deep cleaning of our facilities
  • Physical distancing
  • When possible eliminating time in the waiting room, allowing you to stay in your car until we’re ready to take you directly to an office or exam room
  • Implementing a patient mask policy
  • Assessing the wellness of each patient carefully before they enter our facilitie
  • Providing our staff with adequate personal protective equipment
  • Limiting visitors to reduce the risk of physical contact
What should I expect during an in-person appointment?Specific procedures vary by location, but patients coming to SCHEINER Medical Center for an appointment should expect:
  • Wellness screening – Prior to coming in you’ll be asked a series of questions to make sure an in-person visit is still safe and appropriate
  • Temperature – You may be asked if you’re running a temperature or have your temperature taken before entering SCHEINER Medical Center as an added precaution to ensure your safety and that of our staff and healthcare providers
  • Masks – Everyone entering SCHEINER Medical Center will is required to wear a face mask which must be worn securely during the visit. Masks lower the risk of spreading or catching the coronavirus through coughs and sneezes. Together with hand washing and physical distancing, these are the most important things we can all do to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
  • Appearance – Your provider may be wearing more protective gear than you’re used to seeing – including a mask, gown and gloves.