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Virtual ADHD


Meet with a doctor virtually about ADHD prescriptions.

Schedule a virtual ADHD assessment to start the ADHD diagnosis process. The first step is the same for patients who have a previous or existing ADHD diagnosis as well as patients who suspect they may have ADHD but have never been diagnosed.

Scheduling and paying for a virtual consultation does not guarantee you will receive a diagnosis.

You are a candidate for receiving an ADHD assessment and/or ADHD treatment:

- You have never had an ADHD diagnosis before but have always suspected you may have ADHD

- You have had an ADHD diagnosis as a child but have been without treatment and are noticing the effects on your work and/or personal life

- You have a current ADHD diagnosis and are currently being treated by

another practice, but would like to transfer care

What states do we operate in? Florida

You must be currently residing in the state of treatment as well as have your primary pharmacy be in that same state in order to be a patient at our practice.

What is the cost of ADHD/ADD diagnosis and treatment?

We do not accept health insurance for ADHD/ADD diagnosis and treatment.

Initial Physician Consultation $285

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